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January 18, 2013: Central Satellite offers MPEG4 formatting.
January 10, 2011: CentralSat upgrades to HD.
June 1, 2009: Central Satellite reports busy first quarter.
February 1, 2009: Oxford International Film Festival selects CentralSat as satellite provider.
July 8, 2008: Central Satellite now uplinks to all countries using PAL television standard.
May 31, 2007: WOSU-TV, Ohio State Bar Association and Newport Aquarium are added to Central Satellite Services client list.
February 8, 2007: Definitive Solutions Company chooses CentralSat for unique streaming project.
October 31, 2006: CNBC goes live from Price Hill Chili with Central Satellite Services for "PowerLunch".
October 2, 2006: General Electric hired Central Satellite to provide various services for national teleconference.
July 7, 2006: CentralSat website goes online.
June 28, 2006: Skehan Telecommunications and A & E Channel hire Central Satellite Services for special webcast from National Underground Freedom Center.
June 21, 2006: Insight Communications ICN6 hires Central Satellite Services to broadcast regional high school football and basketball games.
June 13, 2006: Purple People Bridge Climb taps Central Satellite Services for grand opening event.
May 31, 2006: Convergent Media Services hires Central Satellite Services for additional Federal Express teleconferencing.
May 18, 2006: Paramount?s Kings Island hires Central Satellite Services for Nickelodeon Universe media day.
April 17, 2006: NASA Television hires Central Satellite Services for special broadcast honoring Neil Armstrong.
February 16, 20006: Vision Quest hires Central Satellite Services to uplink American Century Investments annual awards meeting.
December 15, 2005: Hope Church hires Vision Quest and Central Satellite for international broadcast.
November 5, 2005: RISE Learning Solutions hired Central Satellite Services to uplink a distance learning project.
April 1, 2005: Central Satellite Services adds a second uplink truck.