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Corporate events/business theater/teleconference/webcast

Whether it's a complete multi-camera production or the need to connect your corporate offices with a video teleconference, "Corporate America" relies on Central Satellite Services. Live full motion video is the best way to communicate efficiently. Why would you trust your company's future to anything less?

Crew Coordination

When you book a satellite truck you'll need an experienced field crew to go with it. Don't waste your time making calls, leave the crew to us. We have professionals with the right gear at our finger tips. They can travel with the truck or we'll meet them at the site, edit their footage, then uplink it.

Disaster recovery/business continuity

If your fixed uplink/downlink dish is disabled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, CentralSat can return you to normal business operation as soon as we arrive. Our trucks can remain on site 24 hours a day until you regain operation of your uplink. We're available to roll whenever you call.

Breaking News events

Our phone rings 24 hours a day. Networks call us for breaking news events because they know we'll leave right away. Just take a look at our client list webpage. Contact us anytime to "inquiry" or "firm book" a truck and crew. We're ready to hear from you.


A Satellite Media Tour is the most cost effective way to get your message to TV stations and networks across the country and the world. A SMT is simple and provides you with instant benefits. First, you pitch the stations your story idea. Then designate which TV stations you want to reach. We'll contact the stations and set it all up. Your talent talks to the television stations from your location incorporating visuals and footage. CSS can produce your SMT without outsourcing any of the services, saving you money and headaches.

Sporting events

Every uplink is important but when you're program is on the air for several hours you need to know there won't be any problems. Our trucks and operators really know how to "backhaul".

Transmission and Streaming services

You've done all the work, now you need to get it there. CentralSat can buy satellite space and uplink or stream your project anytime from anywhere! Remember our trucks allow you to orginiate your project from your office, factory floor or hotel ballroom. Your signal can be digital Standard Definition or High Definition and you can pick from multiple streaming formats and speeds.

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